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How To: Build the worlds simpliest homemade air gun

My version of a very simple air gun. You need only 3 parts to build the gun and plus barrel. Making it is very easy after finding right parts. Parts im using might be ava... More»ilable only in Finland but this should give you an idea how to build an air gun. WARNING: This device is lethal so use caution when you use it. Dont shoot at anything that might die, like your friend or a rabbit. Just destroy useless stuff

How To: Engage targets from behind a VTAC barricade

How to engage targets from behind a VTAC barricade, brought to you by Viking Tactics. The 9-hole is a great drill for pushing shooters to figure out how to establish stable firing positions when the rifle can't be aimed naturally. As we always take care to note in our training classes, please keep in mind that we do NOT advocate using a 1/2" thick sheet of plywood for cover. The VTAC barricade is designed to simulate a wide variety of surfaces or shooting ports that might be encountered on th...

How To: Properly Draw a Pistol in Practical Shooting

How to Properly Draw a Pistol in Practical Shooting Practical Shooting is a sport which challenges an individual's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a handgun. To do this, shooters take on obstacles or shooting courses called stages which are categorized by the amount of shots needed to complete the stage. Scores or Fire Factor are computed by hits divided by time (Hits / Time = Fire Factor)

How To: Perfectly level rifle scope crosshairs or reticles

Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, shows the viewer how to properly level crosshairs using the Wheeler Engineering Level Level Level. This tool, combined with proper technique, will guarantee your crosshairs are perfectly level every time. This system uses a pair of precision levels that allows the user to level the crosshairs of a rifle scope in relation to the raceways of the action. This system is quick, precise, and eliminates the problem of canted crosshairs completely. Whe...

How To: Fix a faulty trigger on your Airsoft gun

Oh, no! The trigger mechanism for your favorite Airsoft gun isn't working! Fortunately, in most cases, this doesn't mean you have to buy a replacement - you can usually easily and cheaply repair the trigger. You'll need a screwdriver so you can remove all the screws from the gun case (and be careful not to loose any of the screws!). And don't forget to remove the magazine before attempting to take the gun apart. Then just clear any blockage you see!

How To: Make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun

Watch this weapons video tutorial on how to make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an incredibly hi-powered gun or slingshot or airsoft gun. All you need is scissors, a balloon, tape, and a everyday cardboard toilet paper roll. This slingshot weapon is strong enough to fire through cans of soda!

How To: Make an easy homemade rifle silencer

In this video, learn how to make an easy & cheap home made gun silencer. Materials you will need include: aluminum steel, screen material, a sponge/steel wool, and string or thread. Spray paint is an optional item, in case you'd like to customize it. Good luck with your project!

How To: Clean an SKS Rifle

So you went out and bought an SKS rifle...good for you. In my opinion, there are few rifles that can match the SKS as a personal weapon, whether used for hunting, recreation, or defense. Yes, some people will tell you that your SKS is a piece of outdated junk, and that their $2,000 rifle with all its fancy bells and whistles is much better, but just keep in mind that your SKS will still be functioning long after that fancy rifle has been thrown in the scrap heap. If properly maintained, an SK...

How To: Make tracer ammo

This video shows the secret of making a tracer ammo useful for hunting during night time. You will need: a rifle, . 22/5. 5 ammo, glow in the dark fishing glue and a UV torch. First fill the rear of the pellet with flow in the dark fishing glue. The glue will shrink as it starts to dry, so use a lot of it as it shrinks. When glue gets dried in the pellet it will look as shown in the video. Fix the UV torch to the rifle using a rubber band with the bulb pointing the loading breach. Now load th...

How To: Disassemble the Hi-Point 995 carbine firearm

The Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine has garnered a reputation as a handy, dependable carbine for plinking or small game hunting. They are very inexpensive, constructed using polymers and alloyed metals as much as possible, resulting in a reduction of the production costs and sale price. Many call it "beautiful ugly" and its distinct profile is different from any other firearm on the market.

How To: Make a pvc pipe gun

Learn to make a pvc pipe gun, great for airsoft wars. Fun and easy to make. The materials you will need: pvc pipe,pipe cutters,electric tape, duct tape, a regular balloon.

How To: Disassemble the slide assembly on a Beretta PX4 pistol

The Beretta Px4 Storm is a semi-automatic pistol. If you own one, check out this video tutorial to see how to do a basic field strip of the handgun. After you have finished a basic field strip of the Beretta PX4 firearm, watch to see how to field strip the slide assembly. In order to disassemble the slide assembly, you will need a small punch or awl and a mallet. You will remove the extractor pin, and the firing pin, and everything else.

How To: Turn a sling shot into a deadly spear gun

Learn how you can change a sling shot into a deadly spear gun. To make this gun you will need two plastic ties, 2" diameter PVC pipe, two end caps for the pipe, 1/4" to 1/2" dowel rods and a slingshot. This spear gun is very powerful and should only be used for target shooting, spear fishing and hunting. Never point this gun at another person.

How To: Make an Apple Cannon and a Pumpkin Bazooka

For those of you who have already made a potato gun, apple cannons and pumpkin bazookas are the next advanced step, taking fun to the next level because the fun is proportional to the size of the vegetable projectile. An apple cannon is slightly bigger than a spud gun, while the "pumpzooka" is big enough that it's easier to fire as if it were a mortar. Watch this tutorial video on how to do it all, with Bre Pettis of Make Magazine, then go out there and destroy some vegetables.

How To: Make a potato gun sparker for under $10

This video describes the process of making a potato gun sparker for under $10. Using a sparker replace the butane lighter that most potato guns use to ignite the hair spray. This uses a grill starter which can be purchased for $5 at Wal-Mart. You will also need a soldering iron to make the wired connections. The grill starter is drilled into a PVC cap and then glued permanently into the location. The sparking wire is stripped about two inches to make sure the spark action is sufficient. The P...

How To: Clean a Ruger M77 bolt-action rifle

In this official video tutorial from Ruger Firearms, we learn how to clean a Ruger M77 Hawkeye bolt-action rifle. For more information, including a complete demonstration, and detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as to get started cleaning your own M77 Hawkeye, watch this gun owner's guide.

HowTo: Make a Copper Marshmallow Shooter

Click through for MAKE Magazine's thorough instructions on making you own Deluxe Copper Mini Marshmallow Shooter. Sure, we already know how to make marshmallow guns with PVC, but the copper touch adds some necessary bling, don't you think?

How To: Clean your SIG Sauer pistol from top to bottom

This video tutorial can be used alone or in conjunction with the Preventive Maintenance Guide to assist you in the professional care of your SIG SAUER semiautomatic pistol. Check out how to clean your SIG SAUER pistol from top to bottom. If you can clean it off, it probably shouldn't be there anyway, right?

How To: Make a BB gun out of a pen

A set of pins are taken, separated and the ink section is discarded. An indented piece of metal pipe is placed and taped at one end of one of the pen shells. A small hole is burned into another pen shell. A bb is placed in the burned hole for testing and let out at one end of the shell. The two shells are taped together. A rubber band is taped to the sides of the shooter shell; in a pull and release manner. Two examples are given of the shooting of the bb from the shooting mechanism section o...

How To: Make a paper gun without tape

In this video, we learn the steps toward making a paper gun without using tape. The video goes step by step physically, showing us how to fold each part of the gun before putting them together to form the entire gun. This video would be a great tool for those of us interested in the paper airplane creation hobby as well. Also, this would be great for enthusiasts looking to create paper models of all sorts with out having to spend a lot of money on supplies other then the needed paper.

How To: Do target acquisition when shooting a gun

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do target acquisition when shooting a gun. When engaging a shot, use the front sight of the gun as a guide to aim. As soon as you approach the second shot, leave your front sight and find the next target. As the gun approaches the target, start pulling the trigger. Be aware of where the front sight is. The key is to have the ability to read your hits and misses from the top of the front sight. This video will benefit those viewers who have a gun an...

How To: Perform a basic AK-47 field strip

This video tutorial is straight to the point... see how to perform a basic AK-47 field strip. In the video, the Russian Saiga sporting rifle is being used, but this disassembly guide works on most Kalashnikov AK-47 models, and takes less than a few minutes to disassemble and reassemble. If you own an AK-47, you should know how to do this already, but if not, now's the time to learn.

How To: Field Strip, Disassemble, Reassemble, Clean & Maintain a Military-Issued M4 Carbine Rifle

At home, owning a rifle is either for sport or fanaticism.  Having an M4 Carbine, however, is illegal.  Only government agencies can own and use the Colt M4 Carbine, most notably— the U.S. Military.  And for a soldier, that rifle means life or death, so it’s the number one concern for soldiers serving in Iraq or Afghanistan today.  For a soldier, cleaning and maintaining their issued weapon is always priority, because an unclean rifle can resort in jams, misfires, and other malfunctions.

How To: Build a compressed air tennis ball cannon

Backyard potato guns are normally fueled by aerosol cans of hairspray and deodorants. But the conventional explosive propellent can be seen as weak in comparison to the alternative—pneumatic pressure. Which would you rather build? A spud gun capable of shooting 50 feet or one that can launch potatoes 500 feet?

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