How To: Assemble the M1911 semi-automatic pistol

Assemble the M1911 semi-automatic pistol

How to Assemble the M1911 semi-automatic pistol

With this video tutorial, or should I say animated instructions, you can see how to assemble the M1911 semi-automatic pistol. This animation is better than most weapon videos, because it shows every detail of the M1911 single-action, semi-auto handgun. In the process of putting an M1911 pistol together, you'll find the recoil spring, the barrel bushing, the slidestop, hammer pin, the hammer assembly, mainspring housing pin, hand grips, firing pin, extractor and everything else in guts of the M1911.

You even get a little dose of ZZ Top and John Lee Hooker. Also, if you follow the video backwards, in reverse, then you have the complete disassembly instructions!


The graphics were tremendous. It went together a little fast to get a good understanding, and had the film maker explained what was happening it would have been a much better learning tool.

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