How To: Backbore the barrels on a used shotgun

Backbore the barrels on a used shotgun

Backboring refers to a process where a shotgun barrel is reamed out to remove excessive pitting. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, takes the viewers through this interesting process using a set of reamers, T-handle, and a set of Parker shotgun barrels. This process, while time consuming and messy, is absolutely necessary when restoring an older shotgun that has excessive pitting in the bores. The process starts by threading a reamer onto a Baker T-handle. The reamer and bore are then oiled and the reamer is inserted into the bore. Turning the reamer clockwise, it is pushed through the barrel. The reamer is removed and the chip brushed away at regular intervals. The reamer is worked through the barrel until it is flush with the muzzle.

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