How To: Build a BB machine gun

Build a BB machine gun

Granted you have an air compressor, a BB machine gun (BBMG) is a very easy and effective device for shooting BB's at a high rate. The basic principle behind a BBMG is that by adding air into the chamber the BB's are resting in, the BB's will bounce around the chamber at high velocities and continue bouncing until it sends itself through the barrel. So, watch and learn to see how to make this BB machine gun. You'll need a some PVC caps, drill bits, PVC primer and glue, a blowgun, Teflon tape, sandpaper, and... well, just watch the video, will ya? It will show you everything you need to make this homemade BB machine rifle.


totally useless in making one but interesting to see how it shoots

I want to see when it shoot.

Let me tell u, i used to have a store bought mach. bb gun. u could break beer bottles at 200-300 yards, no #$%@

Anyone can build such kind of gun as long as you have the sense of responsibility why you intend it. Guns accessories are also important in creating gun specially for assault riffles. Accessories like AR 15 Scopes, Horus Vision very useful that must be utilize.

why can i open the video instructions

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