How To: Build a professional-quality blowgun

Build a professional-quality blowgun

Learn how to build a professional-quality blowgun capable of shooting through half an inch of wood.


very good

nooo way a 15inch piece of metal pierces your skin and eneters your skin is painful

good but too long to be practical.
no thats what she said jokes plese lol

thats wat she said

I made some with pvc pipe and coat hanger wire when I was about 11 the same way only I used construction paper for the cone and glued them to the wire. These things hit like a hammer. I bought a Cold Steel Professional Blowgun and can put their 12 inch bamboo darts into solid oak at about 50 feet to where you have to use pliers to pull them out. But, steel wire is definitely better due to their tensil strength and added weight that allows them to penetrate better.

I've also made an adapter to connect my paintball gun to the blowgun for better velocity and power.

You can also take the end of a shoe string with the plastic tip, cut the string about 1/2 inch or more behind the tip. Spread out the string frays a little & insert a long straight pin into the frayed end to where the pointed end sticks out of the plastic end. I shot these out of those Bic pens with the removable ends. Shot them at some bullies in high school. The never knew what hit them or who. They looked pretty funny with a shoe string dart sticking out of them! Ha Ha!

That beats the crap out of the twenty dollar flea market blow guns Thanks man

wow thats gotta #$%@ you up if it hits you that go straight through a shoulder maybey not bone but #$%@ ouch

old tribes that hunted with blow pipes used about an 8ft pipe on average;

plus, this could KILL somebody like f'rill! thats why its awesome

wow, that's one intense blowgun if the whole projectile is long thin metal

u sure this is real? he didn't show actually show himself blowing?

changstrerr ur rite we did'nt see him blow dats makes me more curios i'll give u a comment point =p

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