How to Build a simple air gun from pipe and an air pump

Watch this video to see how to build a simple air gun. Well, okay... it might not be "that' simple, but anyways...

Gather your materials to start making this powerful air gun: PVC fittings, a valve, heat source, PVC pipes, rubber hose, pump, ice pick and a soda cap. Arrange all of the appropriate piece into the shape of a gun, screw the soda pop bottle cap onto the valve and glue it in place. Attach the air pump to the hose and the hose to the cap; glue the pump to the gun.

Just remember that PVC produces poisonous fumes when burned, so don't ignite it and stay safe!


Cool .

this guns using explosions or not...coz sum guns use explosion and sum only use pressure...pls help...luv ur guide

would be great to see a video demonstrating how it operates and the range/accuracy he gets from it.


cool need instructions

send to

well you can always make it better man.

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