How To: Build a spud gun or pistol

Build a spud gun or pistol

How to Build a spud gun or pistol

Take PVC Pipe and PVC Components. Cut the PVC components to length and prime the joints. Take cement component C through G together. Make a hole in the middle of the pipe for lantern lighter and now install the lighter with its hardware. It is compact and use flint to produce a strong spark. Sharp the circumference of pipe G. This shaves the potato since the pipe will cut the excess potato. Now find a very large area to launch the gun. Load the potato and use a stick to plunge it down the barrel. Spray the hair spray which is flammable into the end of the gun. The end of the gun should be large, so that potato can go far. Now screw on the plug. Hold the gun at you side and aim at desired direction. Give the lighter a quick flick, by snapping your fingers.

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