How To: Camouflage your airsoft rifle cheaply

Camouflage your airsoft rifle cheaply

In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to camouflage your airsoft rifle cheaply. This specific model of airsoft gun is the AAS400. You can use socks, old t-shirts, your girlfriend's hairbands and whatever else is lying around. There's really nothing to adding camo to your airsoft gun, so see how.


being honest, the point in camo is to break up the shape of the rifle, you haven't really done that by sticking a few bits of old naff clothes over the end of the scope and end of the barrel...

Wrapping hessian around the barrel and body works a lot better, and doesnt require a lot of work.

I agree with the man above me. I did my tours in Southeast Asia . If it looked outta place,the gooks would pick up on it in a heartbeat. I always used the materials Mother Nature supplied when I put camo on my Pig. I'm guessing you want to blend in too. I don't do this airsoft gig ,but its still the same as my time in the field," get the other guy before he gets you. Use every advantage to best your opponent

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