How To: Choose rifle scope rings and bases

Choose rifle scope rings and bases

This video provides a basic introduction to the most popular styles of scope rings and bases. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains the design and function of Weaver, Redfield, and Leupold Quick Detachable style scope mounting systems.

The introduction begins with the Weaver style mounting system. This system, featuring both one and two piece bases, uses a large dovetail with a slot machined across the base. The ring contains a crossbolt which rests inside this slot when the ring is clamped on, preventing any forward or backward movement.

The second system discussed is the Redfield, or standard, type mounting system. This system features a dovetail on the front ring that seats in a corresponding recess in the front base. The rear base features windage screws which allow the user to make windage corrections by adjusting the mounting system, rather than using the adjustments on the scope. The Redfield, or standard, scope mounting system is produced by most ring and base manufacturers. These include Redfield, Burris, Leupold, Millett, and Weaver.

The final system examined in this video is the Leupold Quick Detachable mounting system. This system, popular for dangerous game guns, allows the shooter to remove and reattach the scope to the rifle without a change in zero. The rings feature a post that nestles into the base and is locked in place using the attached lever.

This video will give you the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your next scope ring and base system.

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