How To: Clean a 12 gauge shotgun

Clean a 12 gauge shotgun

Take the patch and put the shotgun tip through the slot nearest the center and put the patch saver on the tip, then slide it on. Then pinch the large side of the patch and put it through the patch saver and pull to tie a knot. Put the other end of the shotgun tip over the rod (it's internally threaded) and screw it on. Next, put on the obstruction remover. Then, put the cleaner in from breech to muzzle. To pull the patch through the barrel you may need to put the shotgun on the ground to have room to gain sufficient leverage in your arms. Once you have the patch out, look at it. If it is very dirty you will then want to replace the patch with the 12-gauge shotgun brush. Then, flip over the patch and replace the shotgun brush with the patch and run it through again. Repeat until clean.

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