How To: Clean a Ruger LCP pistol

Clean a Ruger LCP pistol

Watch this weapons video from Talon Training Group, LLC to learn how to clean a Ruger LCP pistol. This Ruger LCP handgun is a semi-automatic .380. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to get some gun cleaning tips for the Ruger LCP -- see how to clear, disassemble, clean and reassemble the firearm.

The new Ruger LCP is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-compact 380 ACP pistols on the market today. With over 50 years of experience in the production of firearms Ruger Arms is an industry leader in firearms quality and the new Ruger LCP 380 auto is no exception.


Thanks for the demonstration. I realized the need for cleaning accessories for guns like the AR-15 any long barreled guns. Guns like AR-15 would always have its AR-15 Accessories such as the AR-15 cleaning kit.

This is very informative. As a non pistol person, never shot etc. I have a couple of observations that might assist newbies like me. Not crit.

  1. Show how to clean the magazine. I picked it up on Ruger and had never thought about doing it.
  2. Show why you may not be able to put gun back together. Mine was trigger release? up and in the way. I figured it out, pushed down, and all is fine but I panicked for a few moments and felt stupid.
  3. Class taught me not to ASSUME anything.


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