How To: Clean a Ruger P95 pistol

Clean a Ruger P95 pistol

This video tutorial will show you how to properly clean the Ruger P95, which is a centerfire semi-automatic pistol made by Sturm, Ruger & Company. In order to clean the handgun, you will need to have a cleaning kit, and you will need to be able to disassemble the firearm. Once your Ruger P95 handgun is field stripped, start cleaning. Get out your old rags, your old toothbrushes, and some oil and you're set for Ruger-good time.


I never use a wire brush on my Ruger P95. I don't need to be overly abrasive with the inside of my barrel-I am sure with a hundred cleans, it could do some damage. . It always gets clean-I do recommend the Hoppe's 9, too!

I am a security officer and i like you videos on ruger p-95

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