How To: Clean a tactical shotgun

Clean a tactical shotgun

How to Clean a tactical shotgun

Take the slotted tip and put it over the cable. The internal thread of the slotted tip should thread onto the cable. Then take obstruction remover and thread it onto the other end of cable. Next, take a patch and attach it to the slotted tip by piercing the middle of the patch with the tip. Pull the patch down about an inch to give space for the patch saver to slide onto the tip. Pinch a section of the patch upward and slide it through the slot in the tip. Then pull up the patch to form an upside down umbrella. Now you are ready to clean the shotgun. Open the action of the shotgun and place the obstruction remover end through the opening first. Add a few drops of solvent on the patch and pull the cable through. This process should pull out some of the gunk in the gunk as well as loosen up the harder material. Repeat this process with a boar brush and lastly with a dry patch that should remove the rest of the obstruction in the shotgun.

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