How To: Clean the upper of a Witness Elite Limited handgun

Clean the upper of a Witness Elite Limited handgun

This video shows you how to completely disassemble, clean and reassemble the upper of the Witness Elite Limited pistol by EAA. The video has some very valuable tips on how to clean and maintain your upper.

Warning! This is not something you should attempt unless you have confidence in your technical skills. Watch the videos several times before attempting disassembly until you have a good understanding of what to do. Wear eye-protection!

Before you do this, make sure you have all the tools needed:

1/16" Pin Punch
Very Small Flat-Tip Screwdriver
Gunsmith Hammer
Cleaning Rag
Slide-Glide #1

Designed specifically for sport shooters competing in the IPSC limited class ,the Witness Elite "Limited" is one of the finest pistols ever produced by Tanfoglio. For nearly 20 years, the "Limited" has been the pistol of choice for many top shooters around the world.

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