How To: Clean your rifle with advice from Crazy Jim

Clean your rifle with advice from Crazy Jim

Gun powder is highly corrosive. So if you've got straight shooting rifle and you want to keep it that way, then you need to clean after each time you fire it. In this episode of Hunting with Jim, ol' crazy shows you exactly how to keep that rifle clean and shooting straight for years into the future.


Smokeless gunpowder is NOT highly corrosive like the blackpowder used in caplocks, flintlocks and old-time shotguns.
It's not true that modern rifles need to be cleaned every time you fire this. Frequent cleaning without a bore guide can actually damage the rifling of a modern centerfire.

Ol' Crazy Jim is wrong about other things here as well. He disassembles the barrel from the shotgun, which is unnecessary, and he uses aslotted cleaning jag. A tight-fitting bore mop or a Tico tool are much better choice for cleaning shotgun barrels.

And anyone who recommends pouring solvent into a bowl simply doesn't know what he's doing. What a waste!

Jim, I don't know what your area of expertise is, but this sure as heck ain't it.

Shooting Editor

I could tell you how to clean a shotgun, heck i worked with M16A2's for three years outta my life.

i wouldnt shoot a gun with a rifeled barrel after it had been shot a week or so ago if it hadnt been cleaned and small abstrution could damage your gun and kill you so where you may be right the gun wont become coroosive i still clean my gun everytime i shoot

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