How To: Clear M4/AR15 rifle malfunctions

Clear M4/AR15 rifle malfunctions

How to Clear M4/AR15 rifle malfunctions

Weapons can be fun to work with. One overlooked aspect of weapons usage is that they can often malfunction. Learning to manage these malfunctions is essential to weapon safety. Viking Tactics shows us how to do the "3 Little Kittens" drill to reinforce malfunction management for M4 & AR15 malfunctions.

Training to deal with malfunctions is an important component of any firearms training program. My approach to malfunctions training is to make it as simple as possible, understanding that when it comes time to actually clear a malfunction an operator is likely to be under stress and operating in less than ideal lighting situations.

The "3 Little Kittens" drill is meant to reinforce some simple techniques for common malfunctions that, once mastered, should help folks stay focused on the fight rather than getting caught up with detailed analysis of their malfunction.

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