How To: Cut a new 3/8 inch front sight dovetail for a rifle

Cut a new 3/8 inch front sight dovetail for a rifle

To shorten the barrel on a rifle that uses a dovetail to secure the front sight, it is necessary to cut in a new dovetail so that the sight can be moved. What used to be a difficult job has been made relatively simple with the help of the dovetail cutting fixture made by Wheeler Engineering. In this video Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains the process for using this fixture to easily move the location of a front sight so that the barrel of a Winchester model 67 can be shortened. He starts by driving out the front sight using a brass bunch. Once the sight is removed, a bubble level is used to level the barrel. He then clamps the fixture at the desired position on the barrel and levels it. The dovetail is cut to depth using the edge of a mill bastard file while the sides of the dovetail are cut using the included sixty degree, safe sided file. After removing the fixture, the sight is checked for fit. After a bit more filing the sight is oiled and driven into place. Now the barrel is ready to be shortened and recrowned.

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