How To: Disassemble and reassemble a Desert Eagle airsoft gun

Disassemble and reassemble a Desert Eagle airsoft gun

This video tutorial will teach you how to disassemble and reassemble the Desert Eagle .50AE Ultra High Grade airsoft pistol made by KWC. The first step to field stripping the spring version of the Desert Eagle airsoft gun is to take the magazine out. The rest practically comes naturally, just don't lose any of the airsoft handgun parts or you might not have functionality anymore. The Desert Eagle airsoft weapon might be easier to disassemble if you take all of the BBs out first.


I would love this video if it worked....

Basically, I opened my IMI .44 Desert Eagle Spring Action Airsoft pistol to make a few modifications. All the pieces came flying out and i'm trying to figure out where they all go. I hoped this video would've worked because this is my only hope!! Please respond if you have any ideas how i fix it and re-assemble it properly. If you have the l8nk to somewhere that'd be awesome..


Same here,i dont have a clue from where some parts came from lol.. Help please

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