How To: Disassemble your Ruger Mark III Rimfire pistol

Disassemble your Ruger Mark III Rimfire pistol

How to Disassemble your Ruger Mark III Rimfire pistol

If you own a Ruger firearm, maybe it's about time you learned everything there is to know about it. If you have a Ruger handgun, you might want to know how to take it apart, or how to clean it, or how to put it back together. Ruger is an "arms maker for responsible citizens," so don't let those other firearms manufacturers fool you. Learn from the professionals, learn from Ruger in this weapons video tutorial.

This instructional will show you how to disassemble your Ruger Mark III Rimfire Autoloading pistol. This tech tip from Ruger will show you the exact disassembly steps to help you clean and maintain your firearm.

Ruger Mark III (including Hunter) pistols are the perfect combination of a proven design and reliability, with features demanded by today's .22 pistol shooters. A 10-shot magazine, rigid barrel/receiver connection, automatic bolt hold open latch, comfortable, ergonomic grip angle, precision sights and a free scope base adapter (on adjustable sight versions) make for the most versatile and most valuable small bore pistol on the market today.

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Excellent video, am embarrassed I have owned the weapon for several months and am just deciding to learn how to break it down and clean it.....

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