How To: Dismantle and reassemble a Glock 26 pistol

Dismantle and reassemble a Glock 26 pistol

How to Dismantle and reassemble a Glock 26 pistol

If you don't think females know anything about guns, then you're wrong. Watch the terrific woman instructor in this video tutorial on how to dismantle and reassemble a Glock 26 pistol. If you have a Glock 26 9mm handgun, this is perfect for you. You'll learn all of the parts of the firearm, like the receiver, the slide, the barrel chamber, the recoil spring, and all of the other gun parts. Take it apart and assemble it back together. This girl will tell you all about the Glock 26 handgun.


I watched this short video and completetly learned all there is to know about my Glock 26. I was super shocked there were only 3 stars. I'd give it a five ALL DAY!!!

Great video, minor slip up at the very very end. LOL still a great video.

Good Video, shows a lot. Good for anyone not knowing how to take care of their GLOCK.

Learned a lot......very patient in his presentation.

Good video, but, "clip" and "magazine" are not the same and should not be used interchangeably. If you don't know the difference, maybe you shouldn't own a gun. Just my opinion.

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