How To: Dress a recoil pad for a professional look

Dress a recoil pad for a professional look

In this video, Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, teaches a professional method for dressing, or finishing up, a recoil pad. Many pads, whether installed at the factory or by an individual, will have sanding marks and flat areas left on the pad by a disc sander. These marks, while unsightly, are easily removed using a Miles Gilbert Recoil Pad fixture and simple hand tools.
Larry Potterfield begins by removing the pad and securing it to the fixture. Using cloth backed abrasive; he sands the rubber on the pad in a shoeshine motion to eliminate the flat areas starting with 100 grit. He continues this process with 150 grit abrasive and finishes with 220. To eliminate the sanding marks on the plastic spacer, the area is sanded with cloth backed abrasive and a sanding block. Starting with 100 grit abrasive and working up to 400 grit, the scratches are removed. A little paste wax is added to provide some shine.

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