How To: Field strip a 9mm Para-Ordnance P18.9 pistol

Field strip a 9mm Para-Ordnance P18.9 pistol

Watch this how to video to disassemble and reassemble a 9mm Para-Ordnance High Capacity P18.9 handgun. This field stripping tutorial will tell you all you need to do to take that Para-Ordnance pistol apart.

Make sure you follow the rules of firearm safety. Do not point the weapon at anyone, treat it as always being loaded.

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Some years ago behind I acquired a gun Para Ordnance 14-45 stainless with very good result to the date and for that reason now acquired again other but this time the pattern 18-9.
I see some differences that is:
It doesn't possess trigger regulation
The fastener guides of the spring it is short and it doesn't arrive at the end (it doesn't pass to travez of the mouthpiece)
The screws of the cheeks possess grooves for screwdriver Phillips and non Allen
Neither it comes the key of plastic for disarmament of the barrel and spring
All this to my view with the evident reason of reducing costs, but it doesn't improve the product
But what I cannot agree is that in the manual that it comes enclosed to the gun and the specification that one can see in Internet they clarify without error to doubts that the loader is for 18 cartridges + 1 and in the gun Series ZF 1687 that I acquired 17 only enter + 1.
Could they inform me because it doesn't fulfill the specifications?
From already thank you

The diameter of the wire of the loader of 18-9 is of 0.054" and they are 12 spires reason why they occupy a long of 0.648" = 16.4592 mm
The available space after loading 18 cartridges is of 0.629" = 15.9766 mm
That is reason why the in my guns they cannot load 18 cartridges it says the specification

As example I inform you that the diameter of the spring of my 14-45 is of 0,052" and they are also 12 spires for what it occupy a long of 0.624" = 15.8496 mm.
If I make the change the tile elevation and this spring to the loader of my 18-9 if 18 cartridges enter
For what you will see there is an error in the diameter of the loader's spring that has passed perhaps to the control of quality
I wait they solve me the problem to the brevity

Ruddy Gigli
Pringles 303
(B2900EBE) San Nicolás
República Argentina

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