How To: Field strip a Beretta 21A pistol and remove a casing

Field strip a Beretta 21A pistol and remove a casing

Check out this informative video to see how to field strip a Beretta 21A pistol. This tutorial will also show you how to remove a casing from the barrel of the Beretta 21A handgun if one gets stuck.

The gun is a semi-automatic chambered pistol for .22LR. It holds seven round in its magazine (eight will fit, but too tightly and cause jams) with an eighth round in the pop-up barrel/chamber. Yep, the barrel and chamber pops up at the front for loading, unloading, and cleaning. Field stripping consists of popping up the barrel and then lifting the slide off its frame. Easy as can be. It's double-action for the first shot and then single-action for subsequent rounds.


I love my pistol. Very accurate at the pistol range. I carry it everywhere in my shorts and pants and there is no bulge. Beretta has made a great pistol. East to reload the magazine although I have a few.

And this video CD should have been supplied with the purchase instead of the cheap booklet.
Even this clutz can do the above. People are surprised at the big bang this gun makes.

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