How To: Field strip a Beretta M92FS Inox pistol

Field strip a Beretta M92FS Inox pistol

Learn all you need to know in this video about field stripping a Beretta M92FS Inox, 9mm, semi-automatic, stainless steel pistol. Pay close attention, because it's highly informative. The first thing you're going to want to do is make sure that weapon is clear. A round in the chamber could mean your life when disassembling it. Keep your ammo far away from you, just so you don't screw up somehow and put it in for a functions check or something. Then, take that firearm apart. The handgun is easy to clean and this video will show you the sweet oiling spots and the last steps -- assembly and functions check, and loading the magazine, if you see fit.

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this is the best vid on a pistol field strip that i've ever seen

- Diemorder@youtube community

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