How to Field strip a cardboard AR-15 rifle

Most of you aren't familiar with a this weapon -- the cardboard AR-15. This cardboard assault rifle will shame all of the rest. Just watch this video tutorial on how to field strip this cardboard AR15 rifle.

Since most of you aren't familiar with the cardboard AR15 weapon, then you probably don't know how to disassemble it either, so stay tuned.

Remove the magazine and make sure that the chamber is empty, and then look down the barrel. Next, remove the collapsible stock. Thirdly, remove the barrel. Then, remove the sight rail, and the barrel, front sights, and the rest.

If you want to put this cardboard weapon back together, try some duct tape or electrical tape.


did you just rip the peices of

way to stupid fpr words. total waste of time

Not stupid! It's obviously just for fun. Idiots.

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