How To: Field strip a Walther P22 pistol

Field strip a Walther P22 pistol

How to Field strip a Walther P22 pistol

Look at this pistol tutorial video for how to field strip your Walther P22 handgun. Make sure there is no round in the chamber first, because safety is key. See how to disassemble and reassemble the Walther P22 firearm with ease. You can even see how to modify your weapon so you can bypass having to use a assembly rod that comes with the pistol.


very helpful, thanks

thanks for the tip on reassembling the recoil spring and guide rod back into the gun

Thanks man! I'd been #$%@ing with my gun for like 30 mins trying to get that thing back together! Took about 30 secs after watching this!

your video on field stripping a walther P22 worked well. Thanks

Can anyone tell me how to reassembly a interarms ASTRA 9mmc [380] pistor?
Thank You

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