How To: Grease and lubricate an airsoft AEG gearbox

Grease and lubricate an airsoft AEG gearbox

In this tutorial, we learn how to grease and lubricate an airsoft AEG gearbox. First, remove all the screws on the gun, then open up the neck box. After this, take out the spring and cylinder assembly. Take out your gears and keep the shinning the way you want it. Next, clean the inside of the neck box with cleaner and take out as much old grease as you can. After this, grease it with the new grease or your favorite lubricant. You can choose whichever brand you prefer. Rub on the gears with the grease and your fingers until finished greasing the gun. After this, replace all the parts you just took out and make sure everything has been replaced. Try out your gun and enjoy!

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