How To: Kneel in different ways when shooting a handgun

Kneel in different ways when shooting a handgun

In this how to video, you will learn how to kneel while using a gun. When shooting in a kneeling position, you want the same stance as if you were shooting while standing. With this in mind, you should not sit on your heel as you shoot while kneeling. There are many types of ways to go down to a kneeling position. The first technique involves stepping out with the support side leg. Make sure to go down on your holster side, as it makes it easier to draw your pistol. For stepping back into the position, draw your gun first. Keep the gun close and drive the gun as your knee hits the ground. This gives you more chance to hit the target. These techniques work for rifles as well. Make sure you go below the bottom of the target and bring the shot into it with the rifle. For moving around a prop and shooting in a port, do not put your gun through the port. You now know how to kneel and shoot.

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