How To: Make a 1 sheet double barrel pocket shotgun

Make a 1 sheet double barrel pocket shotgun

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make a double barrel pocket shotgun. First, you will need a ruler, a piece of paper, scissors, a pen, electrical tape, scotch tape, a rubber band, and a surface to cut on. Cut three 2" x 11" strips of paper. Next, use the pencil to roll these strips of paper into barrels. Tape the ends with scotch tape. Next tape the two barrels together with electrical tape. Now, place the rubber band along the sides of the barrel. Tape the rubber band to the barrels with the tape. Make sure both ends of the rubber band cover the holes in the barrels. Next, place the last barrel so that it is on top and perpendicular to the other barrels. Tape this together. You are now done with the project. This video shows an easy way to make a pocket shotgun.

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