How to Make an airsoft BB gun out of household items

In this Weapons video tutorial you will learn how to make an airsoft BB gun out of household items. You will need a bog pen and a big pencil. Remove the refill from the pen and remove the cap from the other end, so you are left with the body of the pen which is like a barrel. Then take the pencil, snap off the front end, remove the refill and cut a slit on its back end. Make sure there is no lead in the pencil refill. Now slide in the pencil refill into the pen body. Take a rubber band, place it in the slit of the refill and stretch and pass it around the other end of the pen. Put a tape around the rear end of the pen over the rubber band. Now repeat this step with another rubber band. Now you can put a pellet at the open end of the pen and pull the pencil refill and shoot. That's it!

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