How To: Make an airsoft gun holster

Make an airsoft gun holster

Adrenaline0 Studios shows the ins and outs of making a quality airsoft gun holster from everyday household items. Begin by tightly wrapping a piece of printer paper around the stock of the airsoft gun. Once you have achieved a fairly tight wrap, use scotch tape to secure the sides and fold the excess paper over so the holster fits the entire length of the stock. After you have taped this fold in place, then you will need to attach it to the garment that you will be wearing during your air soft game. To do this, lay out the pants on a hard surface and duct tape one of the sides on the top of the holster to the front or side of the waist of the pants. Voila! You now have a home made airsoft gun holster in less than five minutes with these simple instructions!

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