How To: Make an Apple Cannon and a Pumpkin Bazooka

Make an Apple Cannon and a Pumpkin Bazooka

How to Make an Apple Cannon and a Pumpkin Bazooka

For those of you who have already made a potato gun, apple cannons and pumpkin bazookas are the next advanced step, taking fun to the next level because the fun is proportional to the size of the vegetable projectile. An apple cannon is slightly bigger than a spud gun, while the "pumpzooka" is big enough that it's easier to fire as if it were a mortar. Watch this tutorial video on how to do it all, with Bre Pettis of Make Magazine, then go out there and destroy some vegetables.


pumkin one fun. i made one and shot it on my feild. we got it to go over 400m { meters}

thats gay foo you shuld try to get a water melon or some thing biger and put an m-80 in the middle thats is sick!!!!!

LOL i want one of those xD

what happens if you put more hairspray or perhaps use methyl alcohol like they have in automotive stores as fuel treatment ( aka Jet fuel)?
I love your lil vids and projects But when are you gonna get some really good stuff on here like building a homemade gun that will shoot 38 or 44 magnum shells? or one that will actually fire them with 75 % acuracy?
no ridicule just some more ideas for ya man keep up the great work
God Bless ya

great vid man nice one making the johnny loveing it!!!!!

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