How To: Make armor piercing ammo

Make armor piercing ammo

If you find the idea of making your own armor piercing ammo appealing, this video will help a lot. Watch as Shooting Eggs Production guides you through this simple process.

To make your own enhanced ammo, you will need several materials:
- a rifle
- .22/5.5 mm hollow point ammo
- super glue
- .177/4.5 mm steel BB ammo

This procedure is very simple. First, take the hollow point ammo, and line the top with super glue. Then, place one of the steel BB's on top, and wait for 30 minutes to let the glue dry.
Then test it out!

In a test with modeling clay, a normal bullet has 20 mm penetration. But with these converted bullets, a bullet can have 43 mm of penetration!

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that's simply because you are filling in the hollowed point preventing the "mushroom effect" (pretty much making it like, but less effective than a bullet that's FMJ. Although you most likely would be able to add better penetration to metal targets (compared to stock rounds) by adding a hardened piece of steel (that's not rounded, as a narrower tip provides much more pressure to a smaller surface) to the tip that has a point on it, some what making a sabot round.. (using the term sabot loosely...)

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