How To: Make black gunpowder

Make black gunpowder

Save your money and make it at home: Make your own black gunpowder quickly, cheaply, and easily. You will need postassium nitrate (or KNO3), sulfur and charcoal. Remember to make this in small amounts. When making it in large amounts, is when it becomes dangerous.

From the videomaker:
Remember: You do this at your own risk. Whether done in accordance with directions or not. Also note that you will be working with explosives. Need we say it can be hazardous to your health?

Recipe for black Gunpowder:
75% Potassium Nitrate
10% Sulfur
15% Charcoal


This video is an educational film, starring the Bush Boy, edited and produced by James Williams of Picture Rock Productions.

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Why do you say not to use in firearms? So your not held responsible for exploding a gun? Just thoughts because if I were to make this, it would be to reload ammo. Is it not suitable or liability reasons.

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