How To: Make a fully automatic rubber band gun with Legos

Make a fully automatic rubber band gun with Legos

This video is about how to make load and fire a simple fully automatic Lego rubber band gun. Martin shows what are the items needed to make it. They are 4 Lego pieces, a 1,25m long thread, and 28 rubber bands to load the gun. The 4 Lego pieces are of different sizes and different colored, 2 are of the same size but one is blue and another is green. There is a medium sized Lego smaller than the 2 identical sized pieces which is in green and there is one smaller of all which is also in green. He joins the blue colored Lego parallel to the medium sized green Lego and then joins the longer green pieces with the medium Lego in lengthwise. And at the edge of the green Lego attaches the small Lego piece. Now he inserts the thread in the first hole in the front of the gun and ties it tightly with the thread hanging. Next he shows how to load the gun. He takes a rubber band and puts it to the green Lego lengthwise and ties that with the thread in one round. Likewise he puts all the rubber band and roll the thread once for every rubber band. Next he shows how to fire using the automatic Lego rubber band gun. He holds the gun using the blue Lego piece and keeps the thread ready to be pulled out in the other hand. As he pulls the thread from the back of the gun the rubber bands get fired. It's a very easy to make it and fun to play with it.

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