How To: Make a homemade potato gun

Make a homemade potato gun

Zack Lim demonstrates how to make a homemade mini potato gun, spud gun or spudzooka. You will need a bottle as a combustion chamber and a barbecue igniter as an ignition system. First, take apart the barbecue lighter. Disconnect the fuel wire and the electric generator wire from the barrel. Next, drill holes on the bottle for the gas and electrical generator wires. Also drill a hole for the barrel. Take the cap off the bottle. Make sure the cathode and anode of the generator are kept in optimal distance to generate electricity in the bottle. Split them apart. Check the spark function and glue them together. Choose a propellant like propane. Load the propellant in the potato gun by unscrewing the end cap and pointing the barrel down. Push the gas button to fill the chamber with propellant. Load the gun with a projectile like a potato. Your potato gun is now ready to use.

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thank you hmmmmm ...dav1224.

i have seen many other spud gun tutorials,all of them uses PVC and other things.i think this is the easiest way to make one.oh, and special thanks to you,for saying the weight thing. :)

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