How To: Make a homemade potato gun for under thirty bucks

Make a homemade potato gun for under thirty bucks

Low on budget and need to make a spud gun? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make this homemade weapon, called the spud gun, or spud cannon, or potato cannon, or potato launcher, or spud launcher, or potato gun, etc. etc., for under thirty dollars.

You'll need some materials to make this spud rocket launcher, like PVC pipe, cleaner and pipe cement. Just remember, the bigger combustion chamber you have the bigger impact you will get. Now be safe!


Lol, 3 foot...... Nice even number ha ha ha??? Good one Cletus.

where do u put the fuel source ?

well, I would like to get information from the mayority of the versions, about the pressure in psi that the chamber in PVC is abre to hold without risk of breaking out

hey what happens 2 ur voice after 4:47mins man?

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