How To: Make a long lasting, strong pen gun

Make a long lasting, strong pen gun

How to Make a long lasting, strong pen gun

First of all you need a pen, a pair of scissors, a rubber band and/or elastic band, and some ties. Now take apart the pen and throw the attached parts except the pen cap. Now take the body of the pen. The tutor then gives a warning that he is not responsible for any mishaps and also the pen must not be used to target any human or animal. Now put the elastic band vertically and turn it around over the pen. Now tighten it around the end. This shall take some time because it has to be tightened correctly and tightly. Now cut off the excess elastic protruding from the end. Also tighten it as much you can to fit in the pen. Now take the second elastic band and make a small loop and then put it on such that it won't get loose. Now tighten it and then cut off the excess elastic. Now place a photo of your enemy as target and then you have to put a safety mask on your face as shown. Now pull the back portion of the elastic band, aim the target and then release the band. That's it.

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