How To: Make paper blowgun darts

Make paper blowgun darts

In this video from stupidmonkeyallianc, Alex shows us how to make paper blowgun darts. You can use any kind of paper, but Alex chooses to demonstrate using a piece of plain white computer paper. The other materials you will need to make the darts are scotch tape, scissors and nails. Alex recommends making steel tip darts by using nails or screws, but says you can also use toothpicks instead. He also warns us not to shoot the steel tip darts at any people. Alex starts off by folding his piece of paper in half three times and then cutting the paper into small rectangles along the fold lines. One piece of paper makes 8 to 12 darts. Then he takes one of the small paper rectangles he has cut, and shows us how to wrap it into a cone shape. Then you tape the cone in place and drop a nail into the pointy end of the paper cone. Then you lightly place the cone into your dart gun with the nail end first. Cut off any excess paper if the dart doesn't fit into your gun. You are then ready to shoot your paper darts, and Alex gives us a last warning not to shoot them at people.

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