How To: Make a paper gun that shoots without blowing

Make a paper gun that shoots without blowing

If you ever wanted to create a paper gun that didn't require you to blow into it, then this video tutorial will show you how. The narrator in this video demonstrates and guides you through the entire process of creating your own paper firearm, with bullets also made of paper. The materials you will need: scotch-tape, scissors, elastic, knife, pen, and 5 sheets of paper. The narrator shows you each step. He shows you how to build the shaft by rolling and taping two pieces of paper. Then he shows you how to build the cross by rolling up two pieces of paper and using the pen to roll a thin piece that goes inside the bigger one. Afterward, he shows you how to attach the shaft and the cross by making certain cuts and by using the scotch-tape. The next step he shows you is to wrap the elastic around the top part or the shaft. Next he shows you how to build and attach the handle to the paper gun, using a rolled up paper and plenty of tape. Lastly, he shows you how to make the ammo for the gun by using a strip of paper. By following the demonstration and steps in the video, soon you will be able to have all the protection you need with your very own paper gun that requires no blowing.


LIKE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(but i has no elastic!!!) =(

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