How To: Make a paper gun, shotgun style

Make a paper gun, shotgun style

Learn how to make a paper gun, shotgun style:

* Take a piece of rectangular paper and roll it up along its longest side into a tube.

* Once rolled, tape it to ensure it stays rolled.

* With another sheet, roll it tightly into another tube.

* Tape the sides.

* The second tube will be the handle. You can cut it to the size you want it to be.

* Tape the handle to the barrel.

* To make the bullets, take another sheet of paper and cut it into three.

* Take one of these sheets, start from a corner and start rolling it so that it ends up looking like a cone. Tape it.

* Fit the bullet into the barrel and cut the part that is protruding.

* Repeat the process again. This time, fit the bullet into the first bullet and snip the excess. Repeat until you have as many bullets as you need.

* To shoot with the gun, blow at the back of the barrel.

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cool it is not like the odher videos where it just lucks like a shotgun

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