How To: Make paper targets for 20 cents

Make paper targets for 20 cents

How to Make paper targets for 20 cents

In this video, Steve from Safe Arms Review shows viewers how to make paper targets for shooting practice for around $0.20 each. For the template, you will need a paper target that can be purchased from a gun store for around $1.25. Next you will need either posterboard or butcher paper. The butcher paper can be purchased fairly inexpensively if you buy a quantity of 200 which will be about $30 or $0.15 each. You will also need 2 pieces of cardboard: 33x39 and 12x16. Other supplies include an exacto knife/box cutter, pencil or marker, tape, scissors, and a can of black spray paint. You can also use red to jazz up your target if you wish.

To begin, cut the silhouette from the purchased target and trace it onto the large piece of cardboard. Use the exacto knife to cut it out and then you will have your first template. Next, take the small piece of cardboard and trace an outline of your weapon onto it and cut it out. This makes your second template. Next, attach your white paper to the wall or other flat surface, put the first template over it, and spray paint. Then, put the second weapon template over and paint the gun silhouette in the middle to simulate the attacker's gun. The cost per target breaks down like this: $0.15 per sheet of paper and the cost of the full can of spray paint is $0.96.

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