How To: Make a ping pong ball gun

Make a ping pong ball gun

Make a ping pong gun. Please use extreme caution and follow directions for safety.

1. Use a short piece of duct tape to seal one end of an empty paper towel tube.

2. Cut a hole in the duct tape just large enough for the tip of the utility lighter to fit through.

3. Release a quick spurt of hair spray into the open end of the tube. You will have to experiment to find the best amount — there must be enough oxygen in the tube for combustion. Only aerosol hair sprays will work (the type in a metal canister).

4. Insert the ping-pong ball 1/3 of the way into the tube and then insert the tip of the lighter through the duct tape.

5. Spark the lighter. The piezo igniter will ignite the propellants and the resulting pressure will quickly accelerate the ball out of the tube.


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