How To: Make shotgun slugs

Make shotgun slugs

How to Make shotgun slugs

Quit spending enormous amounts of money on your shotgun slugs... Make them yourself! In this short nine minute video, learn a quick, easy & cheap way to make your own shotgun slugs in the comfort of your own home.

From the videomaker:
Remember: You reload at your own risk. Whether done in accordance with directions or not.

Also note that you will be working with lead. Melting and casting lead can cause birth defects, and other reproductive harm and cancer.

Reloading Data:
2 & 3/4in 12ga shotgun shell
21gr of Alliant Unique gunpowder
500gr lead slug
1200 - 1250 FPS

This video is an educational film, starring the Bush Boy, edited and produced by James Williams of Picture Rock Productions.

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