How To: Make tracer ammo

Make tracer ammo

This video shows the secret of making a tracer ammo useful for hunting during night time. You will need: a rifle, . 22/5. 5 ammo, glow in the dark fishing glue and a UV torch. First fill the rear of the pellet with flow in the dark fishing glue. The glue will shrink as it starts to dry, so use a lot of it as it shrinks. When glue gets dried in the pellet it will look as shown in the video. Fix the UV torch to the rifle using a rubber band with the bulb pointing the loading breach. Now load the glued pellet and charge it for a few seconds using the UV torch. Now fire the rifle to watch your tracer ammo fire as shown. Follow the above steps to try your own tracer ammo and start hunting during the night also.

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