How To: Perform the teal shot to break a target with a shotgun

Perform the teal shot to break a target with a shotgun

This video demonstrates how to break a teal target using three different type of leads while skeet shooting. The three types discussed are breaking it on its rise, at its peak, and as it is falling. The first method is a pass through or swing method. As the target is rising, the barrel of your gun comes from beneath the target then passes through the target. When you get the correct distance above the target, you pull the trigger. The pass through method is the most consistence way to break a rising bird. The second lead is called a sustain lead. When the target reaches its apex, your barrel will be pointing at that top point. Shot before it begins to fall. The last lead is called the pull away. The target will start to fall after reaching its apex. Point your gun just underneath the target. Slowly accelerate you gun downward at about one mile an hour faster than the target. The most challenging position to break a target is just feet above the ground. When you see the ground you want to stop. The key is to keep your barrel moving. To be a good shooter, you must perfect all of these leads.

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