How To: Polish and prepare a rifle barrel for bluing

Polish and prepare a rifle barrel for bluing

How to Polish and prepare a rifle barrel for bluing

If you have a rifle you want to keep beautiful and rust-free, then bluing is necessary step for its survival. It's a passivation process that has many different types used, like cold bluing, hot bluing, rust bluing and fume bluing. No matter what type you're going to perform on your rifle barrel, there's one thing you need to keep in mind—polishing. Before you can fully refinish your gun metal, it's important that you polish the surface before actually bluing.

In this video, MidwayUSA shows you how to polish your rifle barrel the right way. First you'll need to clean the lettering with a blue and rust remover and nylon brush. Then protect the lettering with masking tape. Next, sand the barrel with 120-grit cloth until all blemishes are removed. The use a shoeshine motion with 150-grit to begin polishing. Once you work your way up to 220-grit, you're about done. You just have to work on the lettering a bit more.

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