How To: Practice airsoft etiquette on the battleground

Practice airsoft etiquette on the battleground

This is the Best of USA Marketing: Airsoft Etiquette starring Christy and Sierra, brought to you by Airsoft Extreme. In this video, you'll find out the explanation of the game of airsoft, from its origins and how the sport itself is played, and how it shouldn't be played. Find out why you should never leave your AEG in public places or in cars, why its important to wear proper safety goggles, when not to shoot your rifle and why dead man don't talk.

Part 1: What Is Airsoft?
Part 2: Airsoft General Safety Tips
Part 3: What Not to Do in Airsoft
Part 4: Airsoft Codes of Conduct
Part 5: General Care and Maintenance
Conclusion: A Word from Law Enforcement

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