How To: Reassemble your Ruger No. 1 Single Shot Rifle

Reassemble your Ruger No. 1 Single Shot Rifle

If you own a Ruger firearm, maybe it's about time you learned everything there is to know about it. If you have a Ruger rifle, you might want to know how to take it apart, or how to clean it, or how to put it back together. Ruger is an "arms maker for responsible citizens," so don't let those other firearms manufacturers fool you. Learn from the professionals, learn from Ruger in this weapons video tutorial.

This instructional will show you how to reassemble your Ruger No. 1 Single Shot Rifle. This tech tip from Ruger will show you the exact reassembly steps to help you make sure you do it right. If you haven't cleaned the rifle yet, maybe you should do that before putting it back together.

The Ruger No. 1 rifle is an under-lever operated falling block single shot rifle. Its artillery-style breechblock is lowered by operating the under lever, exposing the firing chamber. A single cartridge is inserted into the firing chamber, the lever is closed, and the rifle is ready to fire at a selected target. A convenient sliding tang safety is instantly visible and readily accessible.

Ruger No. 1 rifles are used by the rifle enthusiast. The No. 1 is the ultimate evolution of the single shot rifle, with smooth sculptured lines reminiscent of the handmade firearms of a less-hurried era. Its breech mechanism is strong, simple, and compact, ideally suited for both today's powerful cartridges and classic cartridges of yesteryear.

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