How To: Reload a revolver handgun quickly

Reload a revolver handgun quickly

How to Reload a revolver handgun quickly

In this how-to video, you will learn how to quickly reload your revolver. There are many techniques involved. First, there is the swap over technique. This means there is a lot of work with the non firing hand. Reach over and hit the thumb latch. Place it into your weak hand and empty the spent cartridges. Next, come back around and place the fresh ammo in with your firing hand. Next, place the gun back into your firing hand and make the shot. The next technique is the one handed reload. Your gun will be held with your firing hand at all times with this technique. Hit the thumb release with your firing hand. Open and empty the cylinder with your non firing hand. Eject the cartridges and lower the muzzle. Load the fresh ammo with your weak hand and push the cylinder back in. Hold the gun back up with your firing arm and get ready to fire. These two techniques use a moon clip. It is a piece of steel that connects the ammo together into a tiny package. You can also use speed loaders. There is a turn knob and a push button. With the turn knob, insert the ammo in and turn the knob to release the ammo into the cylinder. With a button loader, you load the ammo in and press the button to release it into the cylinder. Find the technique that works for you and practice.

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